Who is The Weeknd

« Who is The Weeknd? « 

This was  exactly  what I was asking to myself, in the same time I was asking  this same question to every people I met  last week.

But do I really have to  introduce you to him? , afther his participation in « Crew Love » Drake’s track?

And afther all those concerts  he gave  in Europe , Canada and U.SA ? Even if I didn’t heard about him before to discover the « Take Care » LP which made me discover  the amazing work of Woodkid and  in the same time, all the  Weeknd’s albums , this artist  that we are talking  about right now?

We here maybe should say that everything  started on a rainy day in Toronto, or by a mixtape of some  famous singers ‘s songtrack…And so it was.

But.. I don’t want to say what so many websites, fanpages and press people have already revealed.. So let me try to take another way for this.

It is not here only a question of R&B, it is not only about OVOXO spirit, revelations or other points of view and taste, even if  I also respect them all…It is mainly (and that’s what we should  all must  see first : this side of the personality, each time we’re interesting ourselves to every great artists) a question of creation, a question of beats, a question of lost or paradisiac love, a question of   life untill the death, a question of talent, music and all  what  it can suppose of  real engagements and real experiences. A question of voice, of pure essence.,which embrase all of the Tesfaye’s work.

« Why you rushing me baby

It’s only us around

I don’t wanna die tonight baby

so let me slip this slow

I’ll give you what you called for

Just let me get in my zone


So let me keep my eyes closed


                                     And I’ma lean till I fall, ooh yeah
And I don’t give a damn
I felt the ground before

I left it all behind, baby
I didn’t need no-one
But I’m here tonight baby
I’ve been alone for too long… »


(The Weeknd , « The Zone ».  « Thursday »  album.)

To reveal who is the author of these lyrics is not so easy as it can seems at first sight.

And I invite you first to listen to all of Abel Tesfaye’s albums . And only afther that, you’ll maybe got one chance , taking  this way, to discover a little bit more from this incredible artist.

But is it really necessary to try to know him? His music is there, in the air, on tv, on radio…in our minds. It should be enough.

DYou really want me to talk you about The Weeknd? , So, let’s go….I’m gonna try . Let me first to fix and stop the time for a short moment, and project you somewhere, on a place wherefrom many Weeknd’s beats and tracks are drawing all their essence : Ethiopia , and, in a larger view : « Africa », this place of Earth wherefrom come so many blessed, so many talented artists lettin’ shining their star all around the world, but  not only…

Can you feel it?

Can you hear it? Can you breath that beat?…

« The Knowing », which comes from the first W-Nd album called « House of Balloons » (song for which the realisator Mikael Colombu worked on and created this well-inspired video http://vimeo.com/32644792 ) and « Next » (which you can listen there http://soundcloud.com/theweekndxo/the-weeknd-next ) are two of his compositions where the singer Abel Tefsaye gived to us- and without any possible doubt-the most beautifull voice that the world of music  artists have ever  been suggested to our ears sinds all of those couples of years. But not only…

Do you ear those so crazy arrangments, those crazy beats?, these crazy rythms?

Just listen to these two W-E ‘s songs, just close your eyes…and you’ll not think about anyone else, anything else, but only this ethiopian’s voice, those amazing rythms, this  heart theirselves,  that our ears could recognise and   feel without any hesitation in every part of those two incredible songs. Exactly what it makes all the beauty of the W-E’s music (but not only…)

Even in « Saturday » ‘s song http://soundcloud.com/theweekndxo/sets/the-weeknd-thursday-1. ..Even on « Life Of The Party » ‘s beats http://soundcloud.com/theweekndxo/the-weeknd-life-of-the-party , or in « The Birds » http://soundcloud.com/theweekndxo , a part of Abel is speaking to us, telling us stories, parties, realities, crews, boatshits, « lost »or « paradisiac » lovetrips, and he’s able to do it verry well… But if an artist get chance sometimes to be well surrounded and to have the opportunities to get encouragements by more famous hands, with Weekend’s music, it only can be this way because of his real talent, his real incredible voice . Because he always do so by his own maniere, with  his own gifted  personality

And that ‘s exactly what makes all the difference….


Pages of the Weeknd :





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