Running stars and daydreams


This next month, you’ll be able to watch  running stars invade our nights, because its the time of The Perseides…

Everybody know this => « If you see a running star, make a wish! ».The same stuff that everybody tell you on your birthday , when you try  to blow out all the candles…

Yes, I saw it, one day…It was my first time that I had the chance to see it.

Unlike to others, i didn’t make a wish, i even said a word, because i didn’t wanted to do as others usually do….But, that running star which crossed the sky that night crossed also all my soul, all my body, all my mind and heart during a time which seemed to have been longer that it took to the star to run to the dark!

Imagine …Just imagine…that you’re leaving the living room….

You go out :   dark sky…With the persuasion that the stars are brighting this time stronger than the other nights.

Augustus month. The moonlight is hight… you  sit at the patio, looking at the moon, trying to see something in  your parent’s garden…Letting silence cover you completely, hearing just the noise of  the walking  of a porkepic.

I realy don’t remember anymore what I was thinking for, while i was sitting there, that night at 3 o’clock,  but i remember exactly the words which sounded so strongly, so deep in me right at the moment that I saw this running star cross the sky!


Seven words which will become a real challenge !

I wasn’t dreaming during that moment…can I say that i had a daydream? Or can I say that something came « out » and « clearly » to me right at  the moment i saw this running star?  I can’t reply to this. I just can say that something special happened that night. Something which marked me and speaked to me deeply.

A brillant actor  named Diogo Morgado wrote one day this

« Sometimes people lose the ability of having a good laugh about something stupid or mundane, or just seeing something through an unusual perspective, as we used to do when we were kids »

That’s it, « seeing something through an unusual perspective », feeling something different from the usual!

That’s probably something coming from my « child » part which « spoke » to me that night (I was 25…).That part so vital of ourselves.


(Picture => my brother, painter, asked me few month ago what i would like that he paints for his next project, I told him this which happened one day in our parents garden, and he tried , throught his artistic way, to « tell  » it by this painting. Then he offered it to me…One of the beautiest gift i could recieve!

(not perfect  photo quality…)







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